How to: Move Items within a Content List

We have enabled a new move feature within agility that allows users to move content items within a content list to any point within the list. This allows users to freely rearrange the order of items without having to click “up” and “down” many times to arrange the items in the order they want. Move mode also spans pages in the list. You can move an item from the bottom to the top of the list in a single click.

To initialize move mode within a content list simply select an items you want to move with the checkbox and select the “Move” option.


When Move is selected the grid will be put into “Move Mode” where you will be able to move through pages and click the “Move To Here” divider strip to perform the move operation.


If you select multiple items to move they will move group together (if they are not already grouped side by side) and move to the position specified.

Happy Moving.

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