Platform Update - March 27, 2018


  • UGC Html Fields no longer re-encode HTML values on save
  • URL Redirects:
    • The file picker icon has been removed from the origin URL.
  • Workflow Comments:
    • Adding comments to Workflow actions for Approve, Decline and Request Approval has been enabled.
  • When a page with an Unpublished Module Definition is published, a more useful message is displayed
  • Large List Support
    • The timeout for publishing large content lists has been increased to 5 minutes


  • Promotion rounding Update
    • Promotion value calculations are now Rounded instead of Floored
  • Order Listing, Custom Date filtering
    • Start date will now be at midnight, with the end date at 11:59:59
  • Redemption Portal
    • iOS 11 is now supported for live camera view
    • The label in the redemption manager’s report has been changed from Cost to Amount
  • Email Validation
    • Emails with spaces are no longer considered valid
  • Address fields Province/State,  Country
    • The Province and Country fields are now rendered as dropdown lists in Customer and Order addresses
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