Platform Update - April 24, 2018

The Agility platform will be updated starting at 10pm EST on April 24, 2018.

Import and Export – Rebuilt and Re-imagined 

A rebuilt tool for importing and exporting Pages and Shared Content that will allow multiple pages, modules, content and linked content to be exported and re-imported easily and reliably.
This will allow for mass-import and export to and from Agility that includes LINKED CONTENT, which previous imports did not allow for.

This will be a major benefit for folks who wish to do translations from an export of an existing language, or for those wishing to do a manual find/replace of text in many places throughout the system. 

There are two formats available to be Exported and Imported in: 

  1. A "horizontal" version of the content where each field is represented in a column, and each content type is represented on different Excel Worksheets, similar to database tables.
  2. A "vertical" version of the content, suitable for translation scenarios, where the content is represented in 5 columns:
    • Type
    • ID
    • FieldName
    • FieldValue
    • TranslatedFieldValue

Imported data can now be copied from a previous language, so that only certain values need to be updated, and other values will be pulled from the previous version of the item.

An Export In Progress


The All-New Import


Support / Help Desk Integration

We are adding Global Help, Live Chat and Contact Us functionality directly into the Agility Content Manager.
This allows for our global documentation wiki (located at to be integrated more deeply within Agility, as well as the the ability for customers to initiate a support request or to chat with on online support associate within the Content Manager itself.

Just Click the ? Icon


Live Chat for Instant Help

Tracking Your Tickets

Support Tickets associated with a user’s account will also be shown within the Content Manager.
Keeping track of support requests will be more seamless, and we will be creating more documentation to help customers get things done more quickly, which still maintaining the human touch.

Adding a Comment To A Support Request

Full Time HTTPS

Starting with a few select customers, we will be enabling full time HTTPS support within the Content Manager.   Previous to this update, after you login, the Content Manager will flip out of SSL mode.  We did this to prevent mixed mode content errors with external resources, legacy input forms, and assets.  Moving forward, all of these will be loaded through SSL.

Keep in mind that all data posted to Agility is doing so using SSL as part of our Javascript/AJAX engine.  This update will only affect the browser's address bar.

Fixes and Other Updates

  • Ecommerce - Order Form
    • Added Script Hook to allow for customized validation
    • This could be used for validating that a call centre user has chosen a shipping option.
  • Media and Documents - Gallery Folders
    • Added the ability to delete Gallery Folders
  • Bug Fix: Settings - Global Scripts
    • Changed the language on the code editor here to allow for both <script> and/or <style> tags or other head specific tags to be used.
  • Bug Fix: Content Item - Check for Changes
    • Handled a case where the check for changes between multiple open items results in a blank screen.
  • Bug Fix: Page History
    • Fixed the date in the page history header to report the correct creation date of that version.
  • Bug Fix: UGC Lists
    • Fixed an issue with Select All in User Content and Website User lists
  • Removed: Previous Version Action
    • The ability to go to the previous version of Agility has been removed.  This will be reinstated when another major release is rolled out.



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