DDOS Protection In Azure

Agility Websites Perform Best on the Microsoft Azure Platform.  We are often asked about how to best protect against DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

Azure DDoS protection

Azure has two DDoS service offerings that provide protection from Network attacks (Layer 3 & 4) -DDoS basic protection and DDoS standard protection.

Azure DDoS basic protection

Basic protection is integrated into the Azure by default at no additional cost. The full scale and capacity of Azure’s globally deployed network provides defense against common network layer attacks through always on traffic monitoring and real-time mitigation. DDoS Basic protection requires no user configuration or application changes. All Azure services including PaaS services like Azure App Services are protected by DDoS Basic Protection.

Azure DDoS standard protection

Standard protection provides enhanced DDoS mitigation features and is automatically tuned to protect your specific Azure resources in a Virtual Network. Protection is simple to enable on any new or existing Virtual Network and requires no application or resource changes. It has several advantages over the basic service including logging, alerting, and telemetry. 

The full documentation is provided here: 

Azure DDoS Protection: Best practices and reference architecture

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