Adding a Domain Configuration for a Website

It is very common for an Agility instance to have an array of syncing web servers for different environments. In most cases, this consists of a Live web server and a Stage/UAT web server.

It is important that CMS editors understand that they can view their pages on all types of environments. A CMS user should be able to view a page on Stage/UAT to approve any functional changes before going live. In addition, a CMS user should also be able to view their pages on the live web server. In order for a CMS user to "Preview" or view a "Live" page from the CMS on stage/live, a Domain Configuration item must be setup for each environment.

After the Domain Configuration item has been setup for each environment, a CMS user may "Preview" or "View Live" from any environment on the dashboard found in Pages.

How to add a New Domain Configuration Item

  1. Go to Settings > Site Configuration > Domain Configuration and click on your appropriate Channel. Usually this is labelled as 'Website', but may have been customized for your instance and have a different name.

  2. Click the '+' sign under Website Domains to create a new domain configuration

  3. Enter the Name of your environment (i.e. Live/Stage/UAT), the Domain URL (i.e. your full URL to your homepage http://{your-website}/), the Default Path (in most cases, this is left blank unless your site is under a virtual director), whether you would like this environment to be your default Preview Domain (you may only have on default preview domain).

  4. Your environment will now appear on the Pages dashboard


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