How to: Add a Syncing Web Server

In order for a deployed website to connect and display your Agility content, you must add it as a syncing web sever in Agility. Registering a web server in Agility will kick-off a sync that will synchronize all published content to your new server.


  • Your application must be deployed to a web server that is accessible over the internet
  • Your application must be deployed with developmentMode=false in the web.config
  • Sending a GET request to http://{website-domain}/AgilityWebsiteService.svc  must result in a valid 200 response


Registering your Web Server in Agility

  1. Ensure you have met the pre-requisites listed above
  2. Login to the Agility Content Manager and select your appropriate instance
  3. Go to Settings > Syncing Web Servers

  4. Click New to add a new Syncing Web Server 

  5. Enter the Server URL, Default Language, and set the State to 'Active'
    Note: You can sync over HTTPs, however, your application must support this. You must have a valid SSl certificate and it must be enabled in the web.config. See HTTPS Syncing with Agility for details.

  6. By default, when adding a new syncing web server Agility does not immediately begin a sync. You need to manually initiate this by going to Reports > Details Sync Status  and click Sync Pending. This will initiate the sync.

  7.  You may check the status of your sync by navigating to Settings > Sync Status. The time it takes to complete a sync varies greatly depending on the amount of published content. Small websites can take as little as a few minutes, whereas the largest of sites can take up to 30 minutes - 1 hour. 

Adding your Domain to your Channel in Domain Configuration

Now that you have your web server syncing content, you need to add your domain(s) for your web application to your appropriate Channel using Domain Configuration in Settings.

Adding a Domain/Environment to a Channel in Agility

Adding your domains will allow editors to preview and view live content from on any domain/environment. You should have a domain for each environment that you have.

Troubleshooting Sync Errors

If you are experiencing any errors during your synchronization, please see our guide on Troubleshooting Sync Errors.

Verifying a Successful Synchronization

Agility detects if there were any files that had an error during sync and will display this within the Sync Status report. If there was a transient error, Agility will automatically retry the sync until completed. 

Upon a successful synchronization, the Sync Status report will show a green check-mark. You should be able to navigate your website (in live mode) to verify the site is functioning as expected.

Lastly, it is important to add a new Domain Configuration item for that web server so that CMS users know which server is Live, Stage, etc and can view their pages appropriately across different environments. Please see 



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