Platform Update - June 26, 2018

The Agility platform will be updated starting at 10pm EST on June 26, 2018

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Root Page Logic

Pages Tree

Agility has always treated the first page in the sitemap tree as the "default" or "root" page, but it wasn't always clear that this was happening.  We have altered this page's icon () in the tree view to clarify this.


Media & Documents  - Security Updates

Folder Level Security

Previously, an Agility User had to be granted global Editor rights to be able to upload files to the Media & Documents section.  We have enabled Security on Asset and Gallery folders, allowing you to grant users who previously only had Reader access the ability to work with specific folders within this section. 

We have also limited those who only have global Reader access so that they may ONLY see folders that they have been granted at least Contributor access to.  They may only make uploads and changes to folders they have been granted Editor access to, and they may only delete within folders that they have been granted Delete access to.

Users who only have global Reader access will not be allowed to access files in the root Assets folder.


Agility.Web Updates

We have updated the Agility.Web assembly. You can get this package over at the Agility page on nuget.

Root Page Behaviour

The default page of the website will now redirects back to to the root of the website if you navigate directly to that page.

For example, if your default page in (the top page in your sitemap tree) is called home, if you navigate to, your browser will redirect to

URL Redirections with Special Characters

Fixes an issue where French or other accented (non-ASCII) characters were being escaped two times and causing a 404.

Ecommerce Updates

New Payment Provider: E-xact

One of the most innovative aspects of Agility Ecommerce is the ability to easily add new payment providers into the system.  We are delighted to welcome E-xact to the Agility Ecommerce platform.  



Exporting Orders, Products or Tickets now happens in an offline process, allowing you to download the generated Excel file after the export is complete, even if it takes several minutes.


Address Entry

We've made it faster to work with Addresses throughout Agility Ecommerce.  

  • On the first Address for a Customer, we default this to the Shipping and Billing Address.  You can still create another Address for the customer and set that to be the Shipping or Billing Address.
  • On the Province and Country fields, we've enabled search and automatic "Other" entry, allowing you to find values more quickly, and more easily enter values that are not in the lists.


Order Item Validation Web Hook

We've added a new Web Hook for Order Item Validation to enable server-side validation and programmatic overrides, including Description and Price.  Contact Us for more details on this or other web hook features within Ecommerce.

Order Item Script Hook

There is a new Script Hook available for use when Items are added to an Order in Agility or in the POS app.  Contact Us for implementation examples.

POS App Updates

The POS App will be updated on Wednesday, July 27 and will be available to update from the iOS App Store as soon as it passes the App Store review process.

Opt-In and Privacy Policy

The default behaviour for the Communications Opt-In is now disabled, and an optional Privacy Policy page URL is configurable from the POS Configuration tab of the Ecommerce Settings.






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