Developer 101 - Development Workflow

Development Workflow

A typical development workflow will look something like this:

  1. Running your site locally in Visual Studio in Development Mode, you make changes to the code base. You test your changes in your local browser.
  2. Once satisfied with your changes, you will deploy the website to your Stage/UAT server (in Production Mode) usually via FTP, Web Deploy, or CI/D.
  3. You test your changes again on Stage/UAT to verify they are working the way you want. You can test the Stage/UAT server in Preview Mode and Live Mode.
  4. Once this has passed QA, you deploy your changes to your Live server usually via FTP, Web Deploy, or CI/D


Source Control

We highly recommend using some sort of Source Control that integrates with Visual Studio whether it be Team Foundation Server or Git. Part of maintaining a website is maintaining its code base even if it’s just one user.


  • Visual Studio Team Services
  • GitHub
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