Intro to Agility Development Workshop - Dec 7, 2018

Update: This event has past and registration is closed. Interested in attending the next one? Check Workshops to see upcoming events. Or, check out the slides from the workshop and our video of the event.

Workshop Slides

Event Video

Note: There is a portion of the video at the end where we are validating a deployment of the blog, and we ran into an error with the blog listing not publishing. After some investigation, we found this was due to the Sandbox being on an older version of Agility.Web that does not play nice with Azure App Service on multiple instances. This just happened to be the day we scaled up to multiple instances ;)



Looking for a crash course on Agility development, or to brush up on the latest features and best practices? Join us for an afternoon workshop where you'll get meet the product team, walkthrough some fundamentals, and get some hands on experience developing and deploying an Agility website.

1:30pm - 2:00pm EDT - Arrival and setup
2:00pm - 5:00pm EDT - Workshop session
5:00pm - 6:00pm EDT - Social hour (drinks and snacks)

WeWork 1B

Who should attend:

  • You are new to Agility development
  • You want a refresher and learn about some new features and best practices
  • You are a .NET developer
  • You are Front-end developer looking to expand into .NET


What you'll come away with:

An understanding of the core CMS concepts, its flexibility, best practices and development workflow starting from a local environment all the way to production.

This session includes:

  • Your own Agility Sandbox instance, website source code, and deployed web server
  • Understanding of how to set up a local environment and familiarity with MVC and Agility
  • Overview of Agility sync architecture
  • How to add functionality through the creation of Pages, Page Templates, and Content/Module Definitions
  • How to customize your Agility instance with Custom Fields
  • How to create a Form and sync submissions to SalesForce without writing any code
  • How to use Ad-hoc Thumbnailing on images in Media and Documents
  • Best practices for content architecture
  • Deploying your website
  • And more…


What you'll need:

A laptop (and probably its charger). This is a working session where you will be following instructions from the speaker. We recommend having a laptop with Windows installed and Visual Studio 2015/2017 Community Edition (free) or higher. We'll also have some Windows VMs with Visual Studio available for use just in case. There will be helpers as well to assist throughout the session.

How to get there:

The event is hosted at the WeWork building at 240 Richmond Street West. Upon arrival, enter through the front entrance, proceed down the stairs to the first floor towards the reception desk. Proceed to your right and walk directly down the hallway to the room labeled 1B.

Remote Attendance:

This workshop will be hosted on a Zoom meeting where participants can join remotely and engage with the speaker and other participants. If attending remotely, please sign-up using the Remote Attendance ticket. Zoom meeting details will be sent out the day before the workshop.

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