Developer 101 - Lab: Updating Content

This article will guide you through making some content updates on your Sandbox to make it feel a little more yours. It will cover some basic concepts such as preview and publishing.

Update the Site Name in the Header

  1. Go to Shared Content > Global Header

  2. Update the Site Name field to something so that it no longer says "Jaguar Computers". This field represents the text highlighted in the red box below:

  3. Click Preview to save and preview the website. This will open a preview session of the website so you can preview your content update. If successful, you should see the name of the site update to the value that you set.

    Note: If this is the first time you've ever previewed something from Agility, you may need to allow pop-ups from the application in your browser.

  4. Next, click the 'X' icon on the preview bar (far right) to close the preview session.

    Closing the preview session will reload the page and show you the last published content. This should now read the last published value of "Jaguar Computers".

  5. Next, to make your change Live, you need to Publish the Global Header content item. Click Publish.

    You'll notice that once you click Publish that the item's status bar changes to a Blue color. This represents that this item is currently syncing to the web server.

    After a moment or two, it will complete its sync and the bar will turn back to Green.

    Lastly, verify the published update appears on your website in live mode by refreshing the page (if you have not exited preview mode, do so now).

Update the Jumbotron Text on the Homepage

Using preview and publishing concepts learned in the previous step, continue to update the text on the homepage found on the Jumbotron module.

  1. Go to Pages > home

  2. In the Content tab of the page, find and click on the Jumbotron module within the Main Content Zone.
  3. Update Title field of the module.

  4. Preview your change prior to publishing it.

  5. When ready, publish the module in order to make the change Live on the website.

  6. Verify your change in Live by viewing the page in live mode (exit preview if you need to).
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