React Development with Agility, Workshop - Nov 2, 2018

UPDATED: this event has passed. Please see below for event docs and highlights.

Slides from the Event


Agility React Site Template


Interested in using ReactJS for your next Agility website? We've got something to share, and we want YOUR feedback!

Here at Agility, we are embracing frameworks such as React, module bundlers like Webpack, and package managers like NPM because they help you get it done faster, and build more maintainable solutions.

We believe your CMS shouldn't get in the way of using the tools you love!

We are excited to share an open-source starter site template which shows how you can use .NET as the backend, Agility as the CMS, and React as the frontend (with optional server-side rendering).

This workshop will present a best-practice approach to using Agility and React, and spark discussions on how it can be improved.

Who should attend:

  • You want to contribute to the community
  • You are an Agility developer
  • You have some interest in React development and want to see how it works with Agility
  • You are a frontend or full stack developer

What you'll come away with:

  • Your own Agility React Sandbox Instance, website source code, and deployed web server
  • Understanding of how to setup an Agility React website
  • Understanding of common pitfalls
  • A chance to contribute to a growing community of Agility React developers

Did you know that many Agility websites are already using React?

What you'll need:

A laptop (and probably its charger). This is a working session where you will be following instructions from the speaker, and working with a sample project. We recommend having a laptop with Windows installed and Visual Studio 2015/2017 Community Edition (free) or higher.

We also want to support Mac and Linux users by using Docker images with mono, however we don't have anything in place for this yet. This is one thing we want to figure out during this session! If you have experience doing this, please let us know.

How to get there:

The event is hosted at the WeWork building at 240 Richmond Street West. Upon arrival, enter through the front entrance, proceed down the stairs to the first floor towards the reception desk. Proceed to your right and walk directly down the hallway to the room labelled 1B.

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