Agility + .NET Core User Group - Jan 11, 2019

Update: this event has passed and registration is closed. For details on how to start using .NET Core with Agility please see


Agility is working towards fully supporting .NET Core for use as a traditional CMS integration. With the agility.web sdk for .NET Core in preview, we are almost there!

We want YOUR feedback on our implementation. What can we do better? What do you need in order to use .NET Core for your next agility project?


  • Platform agnostic - develop and deploy on a Windows, Mac, or Linux machine
  • Bring your own IDE - no more reliance on Visual Studio
  • Integrates with popular client side development frameworks (npm, webpack, react, vue, etc.)

In this session, we'll present an example .NET Core project and how it works with Agility. We'll then have an open discussion about the implementation and come up with a list of further 'todos'.

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