Developer 101 - Getting Started with Your Azure Test Drive

This article is meant to serve as a guide for developers evaluating Agility via Azure Test Drive. Want to get started with a free trial? Sign up for an Agility test drive on the Azure Marketplace or App Source.

Getting Started

Access your Test Drive Details

Your Test Drive details are available on a page accessible via the Azure Test Drive portal (after it has been successfully setup for you), in addition you can also access that same page by clicking the link within the email sent to you by Azure Test Drive. This page details the following information:

  • Your Agility username
  • Instructions on how to set a password (if this is a new account)
  • A link to your Agility Sandbox instance login page
  • A link to a deployed website that is linked to your Agility Sandbox instance
  • A link to download the source code for the Agility Sandbox website

Login to your Agility Instance

You should already have access to your Agility Sandbox instance. If not, information on how to access your instance is available through the Test Drive details page (see Access your Test Drive Details).

Take a Tour

Once you have access and have logged into to your Agility instance, take the product welcome tour to get acquainted with things. This tour will be automatically start for new users.

Content Editing

Edit some content, preview it on the website and publish the changes. See Editor Documentation for help.

Run the Project Locally

Next, what you are going to want to do is make sure you can run the MVC website project locally. This will allow you add/modify functionality of the website by updating code and testing it before you deploy your updates. 

To run your project locally, ensure you have downloaded the source code from your test drive details page. Extract the ZIP file, and find the .sln file. Open the .sln file using Visual Studio 2015/2017 Community edition or higher.

Once the solution is open in Visual Studio, click Start without Debugging to start an instance of IIS Express to run the website on a random port number.

Video: How to run a project locally

Next Steps

You'll receive an email each day of your test drive, showing you how to do certain things in Agility. 

Don't want to wait? Jump over to our Developer 101 section to get started at your own pace. 


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