Introducing the Agility Forum

I’m pleased to announce that we have some changes coming to our support process for Editors and Developers, that we believe will help improve communication, get you better access to resources/docs, and allow us to better support you.

We are beta launching our Community Forum on our Agility Help Site.

Within our forum, there are 3 topics: Developer, Editor, and Feature Requests.

If you have a question a general question about how to use Agility or develop on Agility, we'd like to invite you to share your inquiry with the community and post a question on our Forum. This will allow us to share comments, responses, ideas, and feature requests with the community and organically improve the ability for self-help service.

Our support team will be notified of any new question or comment posted and these will be considered with the same care and response rate as a typical support ticket. You will also get notifications on any posts you make so you stay informed.

There may be some cases where a post will be converted into a support ticket for further review.

Looking forward to chatting on the Forum!

Rules of Engagement

This is a public forum. Assume everything you post and say will be forever public.

  1. Please be kind and courteous.
  2. Do not post any personal identifiable information of yourself (aside from your name) or others.
  3. Do not post any code that may have sensitive information, usernames, passwords, or API keys included.
  4. Refrain from mentioning your company name.
  5. Refrain from mentioning any of your customer's names.
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