Sync Status Report

The Sync Status Report is one of the handiest reports that is baked into Agility.  With this one report, you can easily see the overall status of content that has been synced to your production servers, as well as any content that is in progress, pending, or has failed synchronization.  If at any time you see an orange alert message regarding synchronization or publishing problems, you’ll want to take a look at the Sync Status Report immediately.

  1. From the Agility Dashboard click on Reports.  Once there, click on Sync Status.
  2. By default, the report will show you all of your servers that have successfully synced content.  If everything is working as it should, you’ll see all of your production servers listed.  If a server is missing from the list you’ll want to use the “State” dropdown at the upper left to find out what’s going on:
    • Synchronized” – everything is synced and you are in a good state
    • Pending” – these are changes that are waiting to be synced with the server(s)
    • In Progress” – these are changes that are currently midway through synchronization
    • Published” – these are all the changes that have been successfully published
    • Failed” – these are changes that have failed synchronization. In most cases this will point you towards a server that is experiencing some sort of problem.
  3. If you find content that has “Failed” or is sitting in a “Pending” state, the first thing you should do is click the “Synchronize Pending” link at the top right.  This will effectively kick off a synchronization process and may fix a failed or stuck sync.
  4. If you continue to see content stuck in a “Failed” or “Pending” state you will need to confirm that your server is configured and working as expected.  The “Domain Status” report (accessible from the Reports page) can assist with further diagnosis. 
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