Platform Update - November 27, 2018


The Agility Platform will be updated starting at 10pm EST on November 27, 2018

Focus on Image Editing

Up to now, Agility has used the online image editor offered through Adobe Creative Cloud.  This component has been discontinued as of November 30, 2018. This presented us with the opportunity to tailor our own component specifically tuned for the needs of our users.

Here's how the new image editor looks:


It's much more responsive, streamlined, and easy to use.  While we aren't looking to replace your complete image workflow with tools like Adobe Photoshop, we do want to make sure you are able to work with images and make the images you've already uploaded work better for you online.

The following image editor functions are currently available:

  • Resize
  • Quality Adjustment
  • Crop
  • Orientation
  • Filter
  • Undo / Redo / Revert

Updates & Fixes



  • Upgraded backend systems to run on improved, premium level Azure App Service plans.
  • Added a new script hook to override functionality in the Rich Text Editor control.
  • Fixed an intermittent JavaScript issue with Form Builder.
  • Fixed an issue where publishing a module definition required all pages that use that module to be re-published.  This sync happens automatically now.
  • Updated the Content Definition reference name field to disallow hyphens.

User Generated Content

  • Fixed offline processing routines to be much faster for sending emails.
  • Updated diagnostics routines to include more information to help when solving performance issues.


  • Fixed an issue in the Service API where adding Order Comments could not be authorized.


  • Fixed an issue with AgilityContentRepository when a language other than the default language is specified.
  • Fixed an issue with the Preview bar where the Close button was not visible in certain cases.
  • Removed the jQuery dependency to the Preview / Development mode bar.
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