Updating the Agility.Web dll

The Agility.Web.dll is responsible for syncing content, accessing content, page routing, url redirections and much much more. Agility makes regular updates to this package to fix bugs, and support new features. It is also the only component that must be manually updated by a developer.

You don't need to update it all the time, however, there are some major updates from time to time that you might need to upgrade to take advantage. For example, a recent version of Agility.Web added support for hosting in Azure App Service. Without this update, your website could have issues syncing content from time to time.

How to Update the Agility.Web dll

  1. Install the package via NuGet
    Install-Package Agility.Web


  2. For older sites that are using a reference to Agility.Web that is NOT managed through NuGet packages, you can start managing this package through NuGet however this may also update other dependant references such as ASP.NET MVC. If you don't want to do this, you can manually download the package from the NuGet portal and manually update the dll in your project.

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