Re-syncing Content

In rare cases, your website content may get "out of sync" from the latest published changes. Usually, this is the result of unintended consequenences, such as accidentally deleting content files on the web server, or the result of a sync bug.

In order to recover from this, you can perform a Clear Content Files action which will sync a copy of all published content to a temp folder on the web server, and when it completes, it will perform an atomic update (replaces all existing content files at once) on the Live content folder.

Clearing content files should only be done as a last resort as depending on the amount of content, could take a considerable amount of time. Smaller websites with several hundred items can take 2-10 minutes while large sites can take an hour or more.

Clearing content files should not cause any downtime on your website, however, you may notice the CMS is a little slower as there is a heavy load on your database.

How to Clear Content Files & Re-sync your Website

  1. Login to Agility and navigate to Settings > Site Configuration > Caching

  2. Find your syncing web server in the list and click Clear Content Files:

  3. Once you've started the action, you can monitor your sync progress.
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