Platform Update - January 29, 2019


The Agility Platform will be updated starting at 10pm EST on January 29, 2019

Agility.AspNetCore & React: A Beautiful Combination

This month's update is all about Agility.AspNetCore and React!

We've been busy rebuilding our own website, and we've been doing it using our new SDK for .Net Core with React.Net using Server Side Rendering.

These two technologies combine to make creating beautiful, high-performing websites easier and faster than ever before, and to prove it, we're giving away the source code to get you started.

Get started with the following resources: 


Updates and Fixes


  • Updated the Version History listing to clearly indicate which version of the item is currently "Live".


  • Fixed an issue where Module Template rendering options are incorrect when Development Type is .Net Core.
  • Fixed an issue with rendering image fields in .Net Core.


  • Change the new Customer flow on an Order, auto-selecting the newly created customer when created from an Order.
  • Fixed an issue with the Store Credit listing.
  • Fixed an issue with same-price exchanges.
  • Fixed an issue with unpublishing Tickets/Products and their Variants.
  • Fixed an issue where Tickets/Products that had been unpublished could not be refunded.
  • Removed unnecessarily verbose error messages.


  • Fixed an issue where the list of moderator list could be accessed using the Website API under certain circumstances.



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