ASP.NET Core and React Isomorphic Web App

We have open-sourced our website in an effort to show developers how they can build an isomorphic web app using .NET Core, Agility (CMS), and React.


The purpose of this repository is to have a sample site set up to demonstrate how React developers can work in an Agility .NET website, and enable them to use their favorite front-end tools such as VS Code, NPM and Webpack.


  • Build a consistent, more maintainable UI
  • More frontend developer friendly
  • Separation of concerns between backend and frontend
  • Build frontends faster


  • Build your entire front-end using React JS components - does not require knowledge of .NET or Razor syntax
  • Use ES6 imports and exports
  • Integrates with Agility.AspNetCore and the Content Repository to use content from your Agility instance
  • Server-side rendering support enabled by ReactJS.NET
  • Take advantage of NPM and Webpack support to customize your frontend dev experience

The Project

For source code and documentation, please follow our GitHub repository.

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