Platform Update - April 23, 2019

This month's release focuses on the groundwork for our upcoming headless APIs. In addition, there are some fixes and updates to the Content Manager, Agility Search, Import API, and Agility.AspNetCore (Sync SDK).


Agility Content Fetch REST API [Preview]

Introducing the new Agility Content Fetch REST API! Now you can access all of your Agility content using a simple, platform agnostic API.

  • Multi-tenant and CDN backed for high availability and scalability
  • Get a sitemap for a given channel
  • Get a page, including its content zones, modules, and their content
  • Get a content item
  • Query a content list
  • No dependency on .NET, use any language

At this time we can provide access to a testbed where you can query Agility content from a specific CMS instance. Coming soon, we will be launching this in Beta for all of our customers.

Agility Content Fetch JS SDK [Preview]

Our first official JS SDK for the Agility Content Fetch REST API. Use the world's most popular programming language (JavaScript) to fetch your Agility Content. Integrate into a client JS app or use node.js for server-side support.




npm install @agility/content-fetch

Agility Content Fetch React App Template [Preview]

An example of how you can utilize the JS SDK for Content Fetch in a create react app (CRA) sample.



Fixes & Updates

Content Manager

  • Update: Image thumbnails shown in an Attachment field or Media & Documents are now cropped and back-filled with a white background to maintain the original size and aspect ratio where possible.
  • Fix: Intermittent slow requests in the Content Manager due to a slow dependency used for authentication.

  • Fix: Cannot set a module display name on a page to the same name as a module on another page. Module display names no longer have a unique name constraint.

  • Fix: If you have more than one Channel in Pages, the top channel can be collapsed, but erroneously expands when performing actions in other channels.

Content Import API

Agility Search

  • Fix: Previously indexed pages are removed from the index prematurely. This was happening if a crawl occurred and pages were no longer available. We now allow for 7 days before a page is removed from the index automatically.


  • Fix: The AgilityContent folder for the content repository does not create itself automatically and throws an exception on application start. This is now handled automatically. Requires an update to the Agility.AspNetCore nuget package.


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