How to Change Channels when Running your Site Locally

If your Agility instance has more than one Channel (i.e. Page Trees), you can map incoming requests by domain to each channel. This is covered in Mapping a Domain to a Channel in Agility.

Now, if you want to load a specific channel when you are running your website locally, mapping your localhost domain to Domain Configuration in Agility is not recommended. 

Instead, you can manually set which Channel you want to load.

  1. Using the Development Mode toolbar when running your site locally, click the dropdown menu in the right-corner to change your Channel. 

    Note: This will only appear if you have more than one Channel.

  2. Make an HTTP request with one of the following query string parameters to set the channel:

    Once you make a successful request, the value of the channel to load will be stored as a persisted cookie.



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