Platform Update - May 28, 2019

This month's release includes various backend updates in preparation for launching the Agility Content Fetch REST API as well as minor Content Manager fixes, new support for StackPath as a CDN provider and API updates in Ecommerce with Stripe and Payworks.

StackPath as a CDN [Preview]

Agility is introducing support for using StackPath as a CDN provider, providing another alternative to both Azure CDN and Amazon CloudFront.

The primary reason for this is that StackPath has better support for cache purges and a more robust system for analyzing metrics and usage.

Content Manager

  • Fix: Users with roles other than Administrator were not able to view Content Items/Lists within custom folders in Shared Content


  • Update: Updated Stripe API version
  • Update: Updated Payworks SDK in Agility POS app

Agility Fetch REST API [Preview]

  • New: Ability to generate and manage API keys within the Content Manager
  • New: API cache is purged when content is published
  • New: Each Agility Instance will have their own unique Base URL for the API
  • New: Ability to enable/disable Fetch API and Content Sync
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