Platform Update - June 25, 2019

This month focused on backend and frontend updates to support our upcoming Fetch API release as well as addressing some bugs in the Content Manager.


Content Manager

  • Update: Performance improvements around User Activity reporting and how they are stored. Because of this change, you will not be able to view User Activity reports prior to June 25th, 2019 within Agility. If you require this information, please contact and we can provide the historical data to you.
  • Update: For Module/Content Definitions, you can no longer mark a hidden field as required. 
  • Fix: Linked Content Dropdownlists that are linked to large lists no longer causes a significant delay on Save and Publish.
  • Fix: In some cases, a Batch could have an invalid OwnerId and cause delays in Workflow Actions such as Publishing.
  • Fix: The Configuration Tracking report has been fixed and logging has been re-enabled.

Agility Fetch REST API [Preview]

  • Update: Performance improvements on resolving linked content
  • Update: Performance improvements on long lists
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