Platform Update - July 30, 2019

This month's updates introduced a new skin to the Content Manager to match Agility's rebrand, the official launch of the Fetch API, new ways to sign-up for an instance (Free and Nano), and various bug fixes to the platform.

Content Manager

  • Update: New branding applied to the user interface
  • Update: Content Webhooks have been implemented when Fetch API is enabled
  • Update: The following items are now hidden/disabled in the Content Manager if you only have the Fetch API enabled (i.e. no Sync)
    • Module Definition Output Template
    • Development Framework Settings
    • Download API for Content/Module definitions
    • Inline Code
    • URL Redirections
    • Developer Downloads
    • Web Logs
    • Content Editor - Output CSS in Website
    • Page Template Output Template
    • Global Scripts
    • Caching
    • Syncing Web Servers
    • User-Agents
    • Sync Status
    • Detailed Sync Status
    • Domain Status
    • Domain Configuration
      • Force Default Language
      • Force User Agents
      • User Agent Filter
    • Content List - Enable RSS Output
    • Content List - Enable API Output
    • External File Storage
    • Sharing Tab
  • Fix: Bug fix for the Form Builder module not allowing you to save the form if your preview of the form has required fields
  • Fix: In some cases, emails sent by the platform were being blocked by receiving mail servers, this was due to address field formatting that is not supported by all mail servers - the format has been simplified and the issue has been resolved

Agility Content Fetch API

  • Update: Implemented list filtering in the JS SDK and resolved some defects in the API around this
  • Update: Improvements to cache clearing mechanisms for linked content
  • Fix: Updating a module's property did not clear cache in the CDN for the page API response


  • Update: Payment Token is now passed to the Checkout Calculation Service webhook - this enables integration apps to do further fraud validation and optionally throw an exception to prevent Agility Ecommerce from continuing to process the order
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