Platform Update - March 2020

The following updates/changes were made to the Agility CMS platform in the month of March.


  • Rich Text Editor Update -

  • Preview URL Bug Fix - Fixed issue where previewing from Shared Content would open a link with a double backslash (i.e.

  • Content Fetch API Caching Fix - In some cases, content updated in Agility CMS was not immediately being reflected in the Fetch API

  • Too Many Webhooks Firing Fix - In some cases, mass content publishes were creating an unusual amount of redundant webhooks firing

  • Expired Content Bug Fix - Fixed issue with Fetch API where expired content set via Scheduling was not expiring in some cases

  • Image Editor Update - When cropping an image, you can now preview the dimensions of the image prior to committing the crop

Minor Changes

  • Clicking the 'Cog' icon in the Google Analytics dashboard no longer erroneously prompts the "Choose Instance" flyout
  • Meta Description and Keywords fields no longer show on the Dynamic Page Node itself, instead these should always be managed in the SEO details of each Dynamic Item itself, not the Dynamic Page Node
  • Updated help description for Module Definition details in Settings
  • After copying a Module/Content definition, the listing view of Definitions is now automatically refreshed to show the new copy

  • On the "Getting Started Page", when watching a video tutorial, there is now an explicit 'X' icon to close the currently playing video

What's Next?

  • Sun-setting Bookmarks - This feature will be retired due to low usage and better alternatives (i.e. Browser Bookmarks) - learn more
  • Reporting Improvements - to the Recent Changes/Ready to Publish Reports
  • Easier to view Pages - Additions of a visible Page URL, and how you view the page in different environments and modes
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