Platform Update - April 2020

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In a continuous effort to improve Agility CMS and make it easier and faster than ever to manage your content, we've made some changes. This is part of an overall strategy to simplify and streamline the User Experience as our user base continues to grow.

Existing features are being reviewed and in some cases, we are sunsetting features that are not providing value.

The following updates/changes were made to the Agility CMS platform in the month of April.


  • Simplication of Terms: Media & Documents has been renamed to Assets to better conform to industry terms

  • Content First, then Pages: To follow our Content-First methodology, Shared Content has been placed above the Pages section in the navigation

  • Update HTML Code Faster:  Addition of Search and Replace to the HTML Code editor - accessible with Ctrl + F then clicking Toggle Replace Mode

  • Easier to track What needs to be Published: Ready to Publish report now includes individual items from a list

  • Easier to track What has Changed: Recent Changes report now includes individual items from a list

  • Order Listing in Ecommerce is Faster: Significantly decreased load time for Order Listing in Ecommerce

  • Bookmarks have been Sunsetted: Bookmarks are no longer available in the CMS, instead, we are recommending users utilize their browser bookmarks

  • Get things done Faster: A dedicated Save & Close button has been added to the content and module views so you can save the current item and move on quicker

  • Update Published Content Faster: You can now update a published item without having to first save the item, just hit publish again and your change will be live

  • Focus on what Matters: The Content Search bar in the CMS is now dimmed and blends into the global application wrapper and is only highlighted when a user places focus on the input

  • More Accessible: With some smaller screens, the Help Center widget was covering the scroll bar buttons

  • Standardized Placement of the Delete Action: The Delete button no longer appears in the page/content tree and has been moved to the details of each page/content item

Minor Changes

  • Ecommerce roles should not appear for instances that don't have Ecommerce enabled
  • Fixes to Fetch API content not updating when you've changed a Shared Content list to a Dynamic Page List
  • Reduced lookups to retrieve the list of users for an instance in reporting areas
  • Bug fix to Fetch API returning null items in an array if the item was deleted
  • Bug fix to Fetch API when creating new Dynamic Page Nodes, the items would not show unless you made another change

What's Next?

Over the coming weeks and months, you can expect to see the following updates in the CMS:

  • Easier Content Architecture/Modelling - A revamped and streamlined experience for creating and managing content/module definitions
  • Ability to Recover Deleted Pages and Shared Content Item/Lists - A self-serve utility to allow you to restore deleted pages and items from Shared Content
  • Load the CMS Faster - The startup time for the app will be improved
  • Easier to view Pages - Additions of a visible Page URL, and how you view the page in different environments and modes
  • Easier to know the Status of Content Staging status will no longer be used to indicate that content has already been published and has a pending change
  • Easier to Import/Export Content - This will be reviewed and improved with the goal of simplifying import and export of content from within Agility CMS
  • ... and much more!


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