Platform Update - May 2020

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The following updates/changes were made to the Agility CMS platform in the month of May.


  • Ability to Test URL Redirections - You can now test your URL redirections from within Agility CMS to ensure they are working as expected on your website

  • Easier to manage URL Redirections - We've simplified the fields for URL redirections to 3 simple fields: OriginDestination, and HTTP Code

  • General Availability of URL Redirections in the Content Fetch API - developers can now retrieve URL redirections via the Content Fetch API and implement redirects in their code

  • Simplified Domain Management - You now have the ability to specify a domain as a Production domain, this is used to test your URL redirections, but will also be used to view your Live pages/URLs in an upcoming update to the pages section

Minor Changes

  • Save & Close button is more prominent than just Save on pages and content item forms
  • The Attachment List field now allows you to directly upload media rather than having to select from existing media from Assets
  • The Recent Changes report now correctly reports itemized modifications for items in a list by different users
  • Removed legacy System Alert UI from Settings dashboard
  • Content Fetch API fixes:
    • Publishing a page for the first time with modules now include the modules in the Content Fetch API response for the page
    • Creating a new dynamic page node will now immediately show the results in the Content Fetch API
    • Unpublishing a module on a page no longer returns malformed JSON in the Content Fetch API
    • When requesting a Link page from the Content Fetch API, the response now includes the target attribute
    •  If a linked content item has been deleted or unpublished, the JSON response is no longer an invalid JSON format and results in a NULL item

  • .NET Sync Model fixes:
    • Making changes to a gallery are more reliably synced to your list of syncing web servers

What's Next?

Over the coming weeks and months, you can expect to see the following updates in the CMS:

  • Easier Content Architecture/Modelling - A revamped and streamlined experience for creating and managing content/module definitions
  • Ability to Recover Deleted Pages and Shared Content Item/Lists - A self-serve utility to allow you to restore deleted pages and items from Shared Content
  • Load the CMS Faster - The startup time for the app will be improved
  • Easier to view Pages - Additions of a visible Page URL, and how you view the page in different environments and modes
  • Easier to know the Status of Content Staging status will no longer be used to indicate that content has already been published and has a pending change
  • Easier to Import/Export Content - This will be reviewed and improved with the goal of simplifying import and export of content from within Agility CMS
  • ... and much more!


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