New and Improved Content Modelling

How you define, relate, and create content is critical to a successful CMS implementation.

  What is Content Modelling?

Your Content Model is the way that the content, (ie: text, lists, images videos, etc.) is set up within Agility CMS, allowing editors to make updates and circulate this content with ease, across all your digital products. Learn more about Content Modelling.

In April of this year, we kickstarted a series of updates aimed at streamlining workflows, simplifying features/offerings, and made our product more accessible to a broader range of users (see April and May release notes).

In the last few months have seen various improvements across the product, and when it came to Content Modelling we knew we could do better

We've been hard at work evaluating user flows and how we can empower more users to take control of their Content Architecture and get it done faster than ever. We discovered how users configure their definitions needed to be streamlined and more accessible.

The new Content Model section in Agility CMS helps more users contribute and to build their architecture up to 5x faster!

What's New

  • Improved Visibility - a dedicated section specifically for Content Modelling


  • Faster than Ever - a snappier UI, less configuration required, built-in previews, and linked content wizards make this fastest way to manage your content models

  • Easier to Get Started - a new Getting Started page in the Content Modelling section introduces new users to core concepts

  • Streamlined Definition Creation - less configuration required so you can focus on what matters

  • More Accurate - preview your editor forms while you are creating fields


  • Increased Visibility of Various Field Types - adding a field now shows a visual representation of various field types available and you can preview what they look like

  • Streamlined Linked Content Field Configuration - a new wizard walks you through how to configure your fields and you no longer need to create or manage hidden value fields that stored selected IDs

  • And much more!

How it Works

Users who are familiar with the existing way to manage these through SettingsContent/Module/Page Definitions will find the same concepts of how to manage your definitions and fields in the new UI, just faster!

For users who are just getting started or want to brush up, see Introduction to Content Modelling.

What About the Old Way?

We understand that change takes time. The existing ways to manage Content/Module and Page Templates will remain intact and available until October 31st, 2020


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