Terminology Updates: A Simplified User Experience

The team at Agility CMS wants to ensure that all of our new (and existing!) users can learn and understand the system quickly and efficiently. For that reason, we’ve updated and streamlined the terminology and concepts that we use across Agility.

Our goal is to be more inline with industry standards and to reduce confusion when it comes to new user onboarding! We have improved the terminology we use by simplifying the language across Agility. While the functionality will remain the same, the way we communicate these concepts to you will be much simpler! 

Here is a list of the terminology improvements we have made:

  • Content Definitions are now Content Models

    Content Definitions have been renamed to Content Models to follow the industry standard. They represent the schema of structured content which you can use (and re-use!) to create content.definition_before_after.png
  • Models is an overarching term for your Content Models, Modules, and Page Templates

    Previously, we considered the Content Model to be the overarching structure of your Content, Pages Templates, and Modules. This has now been renamed to Models, as the term Content Models is replacing the term for Content DefinitionsScreen_Shot_2021-02-18_at_3.10.17_PM.png
  • Module Definitions are now Modules

    We've renamed Module Definitions (which define the schema for your frontend components) to simply ModulesScreen_Shot_2021-02-18_at_3.13.59_PM.png
  • Digital Channels are now Sitemaps

    The concept of Digital Channels have been renamed to Sitemaps as this better describes what channels are used for. A sitemap is a representation of pages and an integral part of page management. You can have one or many Sitemaps within an instance.Screen_Shot_2021-02-18_at_5.41.54_PM.png
  • Domains are now Deployments

    When configuring your Sitemap, you want to map that to a website Deployment so that editors can preview your pages from the CMS. We previously referred to this as adding Domains to your Channels. Screen_Shot_2021-02-18_at_5.43.52_PM.png
  • Languages are now Locales

    We've renamed Languages to Locales because you can have many different locales using the same language such as en-usen-caen-uk.language_before_after.png
  • Storage means Asset Storage

    When referring to Storage usage of your Agility CMS instance, we now refer to this as Asset Storage to make this clearer that it relates only to how many assets (i.e. imagespdfsdocs) you have.
  • Bandwidth means Asset and API Traffic

    When referring to Bandwidth usage, we now clarify that this is specifically for Asset + API Traffic
  • Entries include Content and Assets

    We've replaced Content Item usage with Entries which are a better representation that they include all types of content, including the number of assets you have.


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