Deploying your Eleventy site to Vercel

This guide will cover the steps on how you can deploy your site built with Eleventy and Agility CMS to Vercel.

Before deploying your Eleventy site to Vercel, make sure you have a Vercel account and a GitHub account.

Deploy Via Vercel Integration

Updating The Eleventy site when Content is Published

Deploy Via Vercel Integration

We've made it super easy for you to deploy your Eleventy and Agility projects to Vercel with the integration built-in to the Agility CMS Manager.


You will need to have a GitHub and a Vercel account to get your project deployed.

To start, head by going into Settings > Sitemaps, then click Setup Deployment.


Select the Vercel Automated Deployment to connect to Vercel and deploy your Eleventy website.


First, create a Git Repository for your project to ensure you can easily update your project after deploying it.


Next, Install the Agility CMS integration that will authorize access between Vercel and your Agility CMS content so that we can automatically configure your Production and Preview domains, as well as set up your Environment Variables.


Lastly, Vercel will fetch the source code for the agilitycms-eleventy-starter and it will be cloned into your Git repository. Vercel will also build your project and upload/deploy your build output.


Once deployed you will be taken back to your Agility CMS Manager, and you will see that your Production and Preview domains have been set. You can click on the link to view your live site.


 🎉  Congratulations! You've successfully deployed your Eleventy and Agility CMS website to Vercel!


Updating The Eleventy site when Content is Published

To update your Production deployment when Content is Published, we'll need to set up a Webhook to notify Vercel of these changes.

In Vercel, go to Settings > Git > Deploy Hooks and add a Build Hook. Copy the Webhook URL Vercel generates for you.


The Production Deployment of your Eleventy site will now rebuild and update when Publish events are made in Agility!

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