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    Hi Giovanni,

    Great question! Thanks for sharing that.

    Agility CMS is at its core, a content-first headless CMS. That means our CMS is focused on providing a structured approach to managing content. We believe that editors should not have to be designers, or worry about how content will appear on the frontend. This is the job of a developer/designer, to provide a toolbox of modules (UI components) editors can use to compose their pages in a fool-proof manner.

    However, we certainly aren't discounting the value that a design-first approach to website management can provide (other examples include Wix, Webflow). They allow folks with an eye for design to be able to construct some beautiful pages without any coding. The key here though is that not everyone on a team may have the same level of design skills, so pages may lack consistency and there is a higher learning curve to managing content. Lastly, this approach mixes content AND code together. While the result can look great, the underlying content is now coupled with the code required to output it. What happens if you want to re-use that content on another page, website, or distribution platform such as an app? You wouldn't necessarily be able to.

    Fundamentally, these are two different approaches to managing your website. There is no wrong answer, and each has its pros and cons.

    Now, all that being said, we are tinkering/ looking at ways to combine our concept of Modules in Agility CMS with a visual representation like Blocks UI. The ultimate goal is that as editors add/manage modules on their pages in Agility CMS, they can get more of a visual representation of what it will look like. Though, because we are a headless CMS, this is a little challenging because each user's website can be coded in vastly different ways. Over the next few months, they'll be some UX updates across the system and while I can't guarantee we'll see anything like this in the CMS, it is something we are thinking about.

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  • Thanks James for the detailed response in outlining these two dichotomies in building out pages within a CMS!

    A graphic designer showed this tool and asked why AgilityCMS couldn't have something like that. I can explain the current approach of the CMS, which you've excellently outlined for me.

    One of the things that makes AgilityCMS more comfortable to use for a content editor is that it doesn't take a 100% content only approach that some other Cloud CMS's do, where the structure of the site is amalgamous. So one of the strengths of Agility is the ability to build out pages using components and also providing a visual editor to include html. Striking a balance between these two things is difficult and I understand the challenge.

    Thanks again!

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  • Great! Let us know how it is received by your graphic designer. We certainly don't want designers to shy away from Agility CMS, so perhaps having him/her/they more involved in the development of Modules could help keep them engaged.

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