How long does Agility's CDN cache its images for? Cache busting, and overwritting image files in the Assets Folder

When uploading images to Agility's Asset folder, how long is the image cached for within the Asset CDN?

I've noticed that when overwriting an image, the change doesn't reflect for quite some time. Adding a different query string path to the image seems to show the new image however.

Is there a way to invalidate this cache after overwriting an image? And how long does the CDN cache image assets for typically?




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  • Hey Giovanni,

    Overwriting existing images should be immediate. However, there are cases when this is delayed at the Azure CDN level when a purge request is sent. Though rare, it can take up to 30 minutes for the image to be cleared from cache. 

    Are you seeing this behaviour every time or is here and there?

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