Form Builder module does not exist on Gatsby site

A client tried to include a Form Builder module on their Gatsby site and it broke the build with this error: WebpackError: Cannot find module './AgilityFormBuilder.js'

I checked the github for the starter ( and it does not have the Form Builder module, either.

Is there a Form Builder module out there? Or am I expected to create it myself? Or maybe it should just not be an option for users to pick on Gatsby sites until it can be created?



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    Hey John,

    Yes, there is no built-in solution for handling the form builder. We likely won't include one either as it would be difficult to maintain solutions for all various frameworks. We plan to retire the Form Builder in favour of built-in integrations with third-party form services in the near future.

    As of last week, we made an update to remove the Form Builder from all NEW instances. In your case, we should remove that form builder as well, unless you plan to implement a frontend for it. 

    If you'd like us to remove it entirely from the instance, please email and we can apply that update for you.

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  • Thank you. I just sent in a ticket to remove it from my instance that it broke.

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  • @... is the form builder being removed from .net implementations?
    You will still be able to store form submissions in Agility's UGC area though, correct?

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  • Hi Giovanni,

    The Form Builder only has official support using .NET Framework at this time. If you have UGC enabled, you can continue to submit forms to UGC using the UGC API. There is no future work/improvements currently planned for UGC. Plans are to phase it out over time, but we will continue to support customers who are already using UGC.

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