Using Filter Expressions in Agility's Content Model fields

The filter expression field is kind of a mystery to me and wanted to know how I can effectively use it?

What kind of expressions does it support?


Is it possible to reference a full shared content list, and filter what items are shown in some way in the embedded view of that shared list?

For example: only show items in the embedded view where content list items have referenced the item you are currently on.

"ContentID = FieldThatReferencesTheSharedListItemYouAreOn"



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    Hi Giovanni,

    This uses the DataRow filter syntax from C#. 

    It won't be able to do what you want though as it only supports filtering on "static" values. For example, a filter can look like:

    CategoryID = 24 //filters the linked content list to only show items matching this criteria

    But you can't do:

    CategoryID = {thisContentID}.

    There are other limitations around this and we are considering deprecating this feature in favour of a more standardized and robust way of doing this.

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  • @... do you have an info regarding filter expressions in the Agility UI? 

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  • Thanks @... for the info! 
    I look forward to your more robust feature in the future to replace this :)

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