Deleted Modules still showing in GraphiQL (Gatsby)

Using Gatsby and AgilityCMS.

- Deleted a module in AgilityCMS. Confirmed module is not visible in AgilityCMS.
- In terminal, ran 'gatsby clean' (to force delete cache)
- In terminal, ran 'gatsby develop' with no errors
- In browser, visit 'http://localhost:8000/___graphql'
- Can see the deleted module.

In the documentation, in the section on Deleting Modules

it reads:
"*Please note, that this type of deletion is a soft delete and that the data will still be stored in our database. Hard deletes can only be done by the Agility team. "

Is that why I'm seeing the module? Is this a bug or expected behaviour?



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    Hey Anthony,

    Thanks for posting in our Help Center.

    This is a limitation of our Sync API, where deleted module data is not removed.

    I've filed an internal ticket so the rest of the team is aware of this. We plan on making future changes to ensure that old or deleted module data gets removed.

    We can follow up with you once we have this issue resolved.


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