How to assign a name to a register, when using linking content at the beginning

Hello everyone,

So I have a content model called "models", and this is a catalog list of car models, lest say, so this content model "models" is being linked from another catalog content model called "models variation". So first I want the user to select the car model and then to register the variation of the model(in that order). Problem is when I do this, and then press save, all the register are being save with the same name "models", I suppose because the first field is not a type text, and when I tried to delete one of the register, ends deleting all of them because they all have the same name. So the question is, there is a way to customize what field will get the default name of the register? In this cause will make more sense to have the "variation of the model" name as a default name.

Thank you in advance for your answer



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    Hi Maria,

    Great question!

    If you edit the settings on your Content List, you'll be able to add new visible columns to your grid 🙂

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